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Q/A with Gibbs Tolsdorf, Owner of Rainbow Limousine...


So, you just have the seemingly easy problem that should be easy to solve; you need a ride to the airport, or you need someone to expertly and empathetically assist with a special occasion or event. 

The problem? You are given millions of results. SO, HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT COMPANY?


Q: I want the "best limo service near me." What's the first thing I should look for?

A: #1:  a great rating  from a number of trusted sites. #2: equally important, is the number of reviews. "Bobs Discount Airport Service" might have a 5-star reputation, but only 2 people think so. That's most likely to be Bob and his friend. #3: Read the reviews: you'll be able to tell if it's an honest review from a satisfied client or if every one of them has the same last name as "Bob."  #4: Don't skip over the "bad" reviews: you'll get a good sense of the company by how the owner responds to these. Sometimes, a 1-star review can come from someone who didn't like that the chauffuer was "early."

Q: Ok, after that, what's my next step?

A: Check out the website. A company that puts a lot of thought into the design and content of their website is someone who is committed to giving you the best, and most user-friendly, experience possible. Information that matters to you, and to your specific need, should be readily accessible. 

Which website says "luxury" to you more?

This one?

Rainbow LImousine Paradise Transit.png

Or this one?

Rainbow Limousine West Chester Home Page

Q: I've checked the reviews, but I'm still not sure what distinguishes Rainbow Limousine from its' competition. I found a company that charges much less, why wouldn't I just go with them? 

A: "Luxury" is a subjective term. For some, it could just mean some person they don't know giving them a ride somewhere so they don't have to drive themselves. 

However, in the executive car service industry, "luxury" really means how you are made to feel during the entire process, from start to finish. You should feel nurtured, safe, comfortable, and completely at ease. "Luxury" means that unlike a "driver," who also delivers pizza, your "chauffeur" is there to care for you, for your every need, and to ensure that you feel better when the trip is complete, than when it began.

Some other issues you might when consider when choosing are:

Are their chauffeurs Professionally Trained? WIll you receive email confirmations and reminders? What is the age of their vehicles? Is your credit card secure and is the company PCI compliant? Are they licensed in PA and do they carry adequate insurance? Do they consider being "on time" as "on time," or "early?"

Q: All of that makes sense, but some of my friends just tell me to use UBER or LYFT. What's the difference between your executive car service and them?

A: The differences between Rainbow Limousine and a ride-share company like Uber or Lyft are too numerous to mention. However, the obvious differences could be boiled down to safety (we conduct extensive background checks and train our chauffeurs in defensive and safe driving techniques,) comfort and luxury (you never know who you will get with a ride-share-company, and we don't consider a 2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse a luxury car,) and professionalism (there is no one to speak to at a ride-share company and there is no standard of cleanliness or etiquette.) Imagine spending an hour in a ride-share while the driver talks about all the problems in his life for the entire time! 

We would be remiss not to mention the extraordinary high level of unsavory incidents reported with ride-share companies!

How to find the best airport transportation near me. 

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