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Just about anyone with four doors and a drivers license can take you from Point A to Point B. 

So, why choose a Rainbow Limousine Chauffeured services? 

Because your personal chauffeur is: 

  • Service Minded: Your Rainbow Limousine chauffeur will ensure that your experience is completely relaxed, comfortable, and enjoyable from pick-up to drop-off. You should always feel better when you leave the vehicle than when you got in. 

  • Discreet: Your Rainbow Limousine chauffeur will never discuss other clients or their personal life with you. Any conversation overheard by your chauffeur, or any information you share with your chauffeur is as air tight as a lawyer-client relationship. Even discussion with the owner regarding conversations held during your travel is forbidden. 

  • Relational: Your Rainbow Limousine chauffeur makes every effort to provide for your needs. He will request your preferences for music, and invite you to ask him to adjust the temperature in the vehicle. He will address you by your last name, or your first, if you insist. He will assess your interest in conversation and will be trained in body language cues. He will not speak unless spoken to. He will not extend his hand for a handshake, but will be ready if you initiate. 

  • A Researcher: Your Rainbow Limousine chauffeur will be informed of the cities local scene and will have at least 3 routes pre-planned for your travel, in the event of any issues. He will pre-scout unfamiliar pick-up locations so he can ensure he is on time. 

  • On-Time: On time to a Rainbow Limousine chauffeur means 15 minutes prior to the pick-up time. Not earlier, and not a minute later. His objective is to allow you to begin (or end,) your journey calmly and without anxiety. For airport trips, a chauffeur will be waiting for you when you arrive, regardless of delays or early arrivals. You chauffeur will great you with a smile a welcome. "Good evening, Mr. Smith. Welcome to Philadelphia. My name is Albert." There is simply no excuse for not being on time and in the correct location to welcome you.

  • Always Professional: Your Rainbow Limousine chauffeur will put your needs ahead of his own, at all times. Any request of yours will be met. Conversation involving their personal life, politics, religion, and other hot topics are off of the table.  

  • Dressed for Success: Your Rainbow Limousine chauffeur will have impeccable grooming, and will be a sharply dressed professional wearing the appropriate uniform at all times. Your chauffeur is your "mobile concierge." 

  • Prepared: A Rainbow Limousine chauffeured vehicle is treated like a hotel room. There will never be any evidence of a previous client. The vehicle will be immaculate for every single trip. Complimentary water will be made available for each passenger. The vehicle will be pre-inspected prior to each trip for safety and mechanical soundness. Your chauffeur will know exactly where to drop you off for outbound flights, and will aggressively track inbound flights to ensure he is waiting in the right spot, and the right time, upon your arrival. 

  • Driving Technique: Your Rainbow Limousine chauffeur is properly armored with driving techniques to make your journey as smooth and anxiety-free as possible. GPS will be used, but not relied upon. Routes are pre-planned but if you'd like to go a particular route, it will be honored, even if it increases ride time. Accelerations, braking, and cornering will all be smooth and gentle. Rainbow Limousine chauffeurs are trained in defensive driving techniques, and shown how to Anticipate, Analyze, Avoid, and Act, when confronting dangerous driving conditions. 

  • Invested:  Your Rainbow Limousine chauffeur will ensure that you will become a lifetime client, whatever it takes. Your chauffeur will leave you amazed. If he doesn't, you can call the owner directly on his cell phone at 484-880-1506. His name is Gibbs, and if your chauffeur has not delivered on all these points, he'd love to talk about about how we can all improve. 

Absolutely the best service I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Very detail oriented phone staff and the driver was as quiet as a mouse, and cleary concerned for my comfort.  Turned down the music when I got a phone call and discreetly turned it back up when it was done. Nice touch.  I'll be back.






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