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Cancellation Policy: Any reservation within the Philadelphia metropolitan area that is cancelled within 2 hours of the reservation time will be charged at the full fare. Trips that include pick-ups outside of this area require cancellations made more than 4 hours in advance. We are not responsible for any flights that are cancelled, missed, diverted, or any other delay that results in the client failing to notify us of a cancellation within the above timeframes. 

Breakdowns: Rainbow is not responsible for mechanical breakdowns while on a trip and will only be responsible for making up lost time on a mutually agreed date. 

Weather: Not responsible for delays or cancellations on behalf of the company due to unsalted roads, inclement weather, accidents, or unsafe road conditions. 

No-Show Policy: If the client fails to appear for the reservation or makes other arrangements without notifying Rainbow within the time frames listed in the Cancellation Policy section, the total trip cost will be applied plus any additional parking or wait time fees.


Excess Luggage: Rainbow Sedans hold the average amount of luggage that could be expected from 3 adults. If, at the time of the reservation, it is discovered that there is an excess of luggage that does not fit into the reserved vehicle, the client is still responsible for the total cost of the reserved trip plus any additional vehicle that may be needed to accommodate extra passengers and their luggage.

For VAN trips: 6 pieces of luggage are included in the base fare. Each additional check-in sized bag is $15. 


Other fees: Wait time will be charged at $60 per hour in fifteen-minute increments, with a grace period of fifteen minutes from the time of the reservation. If trip is a pick-up at the airport, a grace period of 40 minutes is given free of charge, after which wait time is billed at $1 every minute until driver locates passengers.

Acceptance of Policy: Customer acknowledges and accepts the policies stated here when booking travel with Rainbow and Rainbow has no obligation to provide customer with additional fee assessment, conditions, or special terms either verbally or in writing.

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